Visit to the largest toy box in the midwest

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    Visit to the largest toy box in the midwest

    All I can say is awesome! My finance and I drove five and a half hours yesterday to Kokomo, IN and went to Sudelaya's store.
    The visit was great. If you ever are in the area do plan to stop by. It was a 5 hour side trip that was worth it. We did some trading of parts and figures and I ended up with some stuff I really wanted.
    Thanks again!
    Shawn Carden

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    Yeah todds got a awesome place , to bad you couldn't have made it up there next month for the "COILCLUB" meet you would have had a great time then to & would have been able to meet a number of YOJOE members up there. of course its easy to get lost in the crowd at such a event & you probably got better deals when you went, but thats kinda the nature of the buisness ?


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