A.V.A.C. Question


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    A.V.A.C. Question

    I have two 1986 AVAC figures and recently realized one has a much softer chute/backpack than the other. Was there another figure released with his pack? Is one rarer than the other? Thanks for any help.

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    The chute is unique to the AVAC. They come in soft rubber and hard plastic. Originally with the Terrordrome, they were rubber then turned plastic as they became Hasbro Direct items. Stamped into the inner cavity will be a mold mark. Seemingly the A's are rubber, the B's are mixed some being rubber, some plastic; the C's and D's are plastic.

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    Thanks for the info. Both of mine have a B stamped in them.

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    i don't take mark bellomo's guide to be gospel, but it does contain some interesting notes that may (or may not) be accurate.
    I also have both avac chute versions, and while investigating i found the entry in his ultimate guide to gi joe (2nd edition) to have some useful context.
    it says that the avac was originally released with the hard plastic chute, and that they changed it later in the production run to the softer chute because of "the harder version's fragility and brittle nature".
    I don't know if that's true or not? but it worked for me.
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