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    Episode 34 has been posted, here are the show notes:

    We were joined by John Barber, Senior Editor of IDW Comics. Thanks John!

    -First trailer for GI Joe: Retaliation
    -Gallery of Screenshots from the trailer
    -Robert Atkins custom contest at JoeCustoms

    Snakor's Pizza on Twitter.
    Welcome to the Wordburglar!

    Next week we'll have our 2011 year in review episode, and we'll look forward to the big events of 2012.

    As always, thanks for listening.

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    Thanks man its like what julie andrews would say "these are a few of my fav things"

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    Episode 35 has been posted, here are the show notes:

    People we'd like to thank for all their help during 2011

    Justin Bell from GeneralsJoes.com
    James Kavanaugh Jr. author of the RAHC Guide
    Mike Irrizary moderator at JoeDeclass, JBL and admin at Sightings and pinch hitting host
    Mike Heddle of the CJC
    Ryan Costello of the CJC
    Tristan Rudat director of Operation Blast Off
    Pluv John admin of JoeCustoms
    Jay Hunger VP of COIL Club
    Craig Moore from The Fwooshcast
    Terry Dizard admin of YoJoe
    Gary Head of JoeDeclass
    Chris Murray
    George Greenoe
    Ace Allgood from The Trenches
    Christopher from GI Joe Review
    Mark Cheng director of Operation Red Retrieval
    Mack Kuhr Zartan from Operation Red Retrieval
    Richard Whipple of Ratfink Customs
    Jay Gish director of YoJoe - A Real American Hip-Hop Musical
    Dave Stecco Full Bore in YoJoe - A Real American Hip-Hop Musical
    Steve "Megatron" Phillips co-founder of the Geek Cast Radio Network
    Cole Sickler Community Manager from Crave.com
    Fran O'Boyle admin from HissTank.com and the NJCC
    Kevin Watts from JoeDeclass
    Dave and Don from Flag Points Podcast
    Dan founder and creator of ActionFigureTherapy.com
    Rich founder of ARealAmericanHero.com
    Josh Carlson of JoeDeclassified
    Pat Stewart of JoeDeclassified and YoJoe
    Jason Krause admin of the TerrorDrome.com
    Chuck co-host of the StarJoes podcast
    John Barber Sr. Editor at IDW
    Dave Tree of All the Cool Stuff
    Ed Lydon for his work on the softball charity graphic
    To our sponsors - Todd at Kokomo Toys & John at JoeArmory.com
    To all the websites that supported us along the way
    To Hasbro, the club and Paramout for listening
    To you the fans for being patient and allowing us to get better along the way and allowing this crazy idea to work.

    Things to look forward to in 2012
    -Toy Fair - Feb 12-15, New York
    -Rollout Roll Call 3 - March 10 and 11, The Jury's Inn in Southampton, England
    -JoeCon June 21-24 New Orleans
    -GI Joe: Retaliation - June 29 America (release dates will vary by country)
    -SDCC July 12-15 San Diego
    -Canadian Joe Con - August 10 and 11 Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre
    -COIL Con III - September 8, Kokomo, Indiana

    -Retaliation preview 4 pack on Amazon?
    -Sideshow Viper released
    -Retro Toys making a comeback?
    -Topless Robot likes the GI Joe Retaliation trailer
    -IGN Rewind Theater with the GI Joe Retaliation trailer
    -Chuck likes hairy feet.
    -Hunter Artworks cast items

    Our guest Salty Santa!

    Two hints for the Rollout Rollcall 3 exclusives
    Hint No.1: I am Red, White & Blue
    Hint No.2:

    Thanks for listening, and Merry Christmas!

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    Episode 36 has been posted, here are the show notes:

    Our special guest was Robert Atkins, artist on IDW's GI Joe and Snake Eyes comics! You can find Robert at his art site, his Deviant Art page and on Twitter!

    Some info from Robert on being an artist:
    4h Lead - under drawing
    H lead - finished drawing
    Ink - technical pens, brush dipped in ink - traditional
    Blog sketches - micron pens, disposable

    Back on Snake Eyes with #13 in June, 50th cover consecutively for IDW
    Shadow Gambit, book is written by Larry Hama and drawn by Robert.
    He'll also be doing a Action Force print for RORC3!

    Information for his Cobra Commander design custom contest and more

    He's also part of the Darkhan City Podcast with his co-creators from Elders of the RuneStone.

    He's also an instructor at The Comic Experience.

    GI Joe Retaliation toys info from Kokomo Toys!
    Cancelled tan Jurassic Park AWE Striker
    Figures.com best of 2011
    Info from the newsletter

    4 Corner Concepts display cases
    12 inch figures in space, again!

    If you've got a few minutes please take a quick survey to help improve the podcast!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Here are the show notes for episode 37 and episode 38:

    Special thanks for James Kavanaugh and Mike Irizarry for filling in as guest hosts, and for Mike from the GeekCast Radio Network

    The unproduced Chef figure that James was talking about.
    Future GI Joe Sideshow figures?
    Alternate ending and deleted scenes for GI Joe: Red Retrieval

    Special thanks to Jason from AtomicMartians.com and Jason Marsden of GI Joe Renegades

    Jason's favorite episode of Atomic Martians - Swamp Thing!

    Marsden's next big project - Rescue Bots

    Nominations for the JCAs at Joecustoms.com
    Prototype pictures of Marauder Gun Runners series 6
    -Vector machine gun
    -Aliens Flamethrower
    -AA12 shotgun
    -Glock 18 type pistol
    -Modular weapon accessories
    -M-200 sniper rifle

    If you've got a few minutes please take a quick survey to help improve the podcast!

    Thanks for listening!

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