"What's on Joe Mind?" GI Joe Podcast Show Notes


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    "What's on Joe Mind?" GI Joe Podcast Show Notes

    A weekly podcast about the world of GI Joe...

    One thing that the Star Wars and Transformer fandoms have are good podcasts to chose from. For GI Joe...well, not so much. UNTIL NOW! Greg from JoeCustoms.com, Chuck from InsidePulse.com, Justin from GeneralsJoes.com and Gary from YoJoe have teamed up for a WEEKLY Joe ONLY podcast. No magic laser swords, no morphing robots, no gladiators, no silly turtles, just GI Joe and only GI Joe (unfortunately, that includes Ninjas, so we hope you don't mind...). Each week we summarize the news covering everything from the toys, the comics, the cartoon and the upcoming movie sequel. We also interview high profile members of the community, review the latest product and discuss topics of interest to Joe collectors in our own show produced segments. Its fast paced, its funny, its interactive and its informative. Think of Sports Talk Radio meets GI Joe and you got "What's on JOE Mind?" If you have time for another podcast in your schedule, check out WOJM and subscribe today!!
    Join us next week as the guys at WOJM interview YoJoe.com's very own Terry (aka RedClaw) in a pre-SDCC edition of the show! YoJoe is also proud to support the podcast and is happy to announce a co-operative partnership with the show starting this week. Catch the latest episode at the show site above! We hope you enjoy the show!

    For a great selection of G.I. Joe and military-themed action figures, comics and collectibles, check out
    SmallJoes.com, Graham Cracker Comics, BigBadToyStore.com, MonkeyDepot.com, BriansToys.com, ToyWiz.com, PastGenerationToys.com, and YesAnimation.com.
    For a great selection of pop culture t-shirts and apparel, check out TShirtGurus.com and 80sTees.com.
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    What's on JOE Mind?
    A fancast about the world of GI JOE - the #1 and longest running Joe only podcast on the Internet!

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    nice !!!!!!!!
    " That american ninja ! He fights like a tiger !!"

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    I'll start posting the show notes in this thread every week, stay tuned!

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    Episode 29 has been posted! Here are the show notes:

    Our special guest host was Gary (Gyre-Viper) Head, and our special guest was Pat (notpicard) Stewart. Thanks for joining us, guys!
    Below are some of the pictures Pat shared with us for the discussion

    The Legend of Pimp Daddy Destro at YoJoe

    Preproduction section of YoJoe.com

    FSS Figure reveal - TNT (It's dynamite)
    Waves 3 in-hand pics
    Steel Brigade Variant
    TNI has in-hand pics of the Dreaknoks and Marauders 7-packs
    Iowa Meetup this weekend!

    ARealAmericanHero.com and WOJM Trivia Contest: Here are the answers!

    From Episode #25 - Chuck tries to stump us back asking us what is Sgt. Slaughter's original name as introduced by Vince McMahon? (Bob Slaughter)
    From Episode #24 - The Club's 12" Incentive Figure, The Man of Evil, is a member of what Joe mythos faction? (MARS)
    From Episode #23 - What is the name of the bar that Kevin, Justin and Gary went to in Minneapolis during JoeCon 2005? (The Gay 90's)
    From Episode #22 - What was the score of the softball game that Greg's team won that week? (26-6)

    Congrats to Scott on winning the SDCC Pink Zarana!

    Join other Action Force, Joe and Transformers collectors from all over the UK, Europe (and possibly North America) at Roll Out/Roll Call 3 - Europe's largest GI Joe and Transformer convention! Join guests John Goode, Robert Atkins, Andrew Wildman, Simon Furman and Larry Hama on the 10th & 11th of March 2012 at Southampton's largest hotel, the Jury's Inn overlooking East Park. For more info, hit up All The Cool Stuff or @RollOutRollCall on Twitter and as always keep it glued to the latest episode of What's on JOE Mind for future announcements - What's on Joe Mind is the official podcast of Roll Out/Roll Call 3!
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    Here are the show notes for Episode 31:

    Our guest host was Jason from TheTerrordrome.com. Follow him on Twitter!
    Jason's pictures for the Marauders and Dreadnok 7 packs.

    Our recommendations for a "JoeFan's Christmas Wishlist"
    -James Kavanaugh Jr's R.A.H.C. Guide
    -Mark Bellomo's Ultimate Guide to GI Joe
    -Membership to the GI Joe Club
    -G.I. Joe A Real American Hero: Complete Collectors Set (The Complete Series) on DVD
    -Classic GI Joe Marvel reprints from IDW
    -Code Name: Blast Off - comprised mostly of interviews with the creative team who share their story of GI Joe - A Real American Hero. Follow the thread from Hasbro's inner most circle chronicling the mid to late 70's when the idea found it's way to the surface in the most amazing way, to the astounding [Multi Billion Dollar] 1980's come back that almost never happened.

    Unreleased Sigma 6 Short Fuze.

    Canadian JoeCon 2012 has been announced for August 10 and 11th, 2012

    Kokomo Toys has indicated that Wave 3 will begin shipping soon.
    Principle photography for GI Joe Retaliation has wrapped
    Justin reviews RAH #172
    Classic GI Joe 14 available for pre-order
    Justin review Lifeline and Zombie Viper
    Finall FSS figure - Big Boa!
    Sideshow revealed their Black Dragon ninja!

    Insight: Photography and Dioramas by Gianni Lopergolo. Highly recommend this one for anyone interested in catalog photography or taking pictures of your figures.
    Just picked up a Bridge Layer this week...love it!

    We'll have Mark Cheng, director of the GI Joe: Red Retrieval fan film on our next episode.

    Thanks for listening!
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    Here are the show notes for Episode 32:

    We were joined by director Mark Cheng and actor Mack Kuhr from the GI Joe fanfilm Operation: Red Retrieval! Watch it here!

    GI Joe Club Figure Subscription Service FAQ
    Images from the 2011 GI Joe Convention dioramas
    Wave 3 is available at Retail
    Preliminary pics of Wave 3 Storm Shadow
    Donations for Toys for Tots from Greg

    We'll have Chuck from Star Joes podcast on our next episode. It's double the Chuck for half the price!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Here are the show notes for Episode 33:

    We were joined by Chuck from the excellent podcast StarJoes. Thanks for joining us, Chuck!

    1997 RAHC figure packs from TRU
    Poor, poor Chewie
    MU Ghost Rider figure (showing off the thigh cuts)
    SH Figurearts Goku (with shoulder pivots)

    Pre-orders for 30th Wave 4 are available. Here is the case break down:
    1x Lifeline
    2x Zombie Viper
    1x Airtight (Renegades)
    1x Law & Order (Renegades)
    1x Sci-Fi
    1x Techno Viper
    1x Steel Brigade
    1x Scarlett (Renegades)
    1x Cobra Trooper (Renegades)
    1x Ripcord (Renegades)
    1x Tunnel Rat (Renegades)

    New FSS card art and head sculpts on the Club's Facebook page
    Season 2 of the Sunbow GI Joe animated series has begun showing on The Hub
    IDW's new Cobra Commander has been revealed (SPOILERS)
    Coil Con 2012 will take place September 8th, 2012!
    More unreleased Jurassic Park branded GI Joe figures are seeing the light of day.
    Sideshow General Hawk figure has been released.
    Chuck's YouTube action figure review page

    This week we'll have an interview with John Barber from IDW! And we'll also be discussing the GI Joe Retaliation trailer tonight on Twitter. Follow us @generalsjoes, @chuckdawg1999, @garygodsoe, and @gregschueller to discuss the trailer with us!

    Thanks for listening!

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    Guys where are the podcasts for December?? because it says podcasts are updated every week!!

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    Episode 32 and Episode 33 were both posted in December. Our episode for this week would be up on Friday.

    Hope that helps!

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