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    Well, I just got an email from somebody that got ripped off by one of these a$$holes. Don't even bother reading their emails...please...I got it in the arse by them, apparently so did some other people...Stay away, unless you wanna get ripped off.


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    just a question has anyone seen them on any other websites?

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    actualy xxobigdaddycooloxx is not involved in any way with that woman...she just picked him out of the blue...hes a great guy from the joe customs board.
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    Actually, I'm no so certain on that....why would she only pick him....and no one else? When I asked her for references she said he had referred her to YOJoe...and that they were good friends.

    Also, from what I've learned she used something like 5 different names to scam people.
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    Hi gang,

    I'm the new guy that Navajo started this thread about. Awhile ago I posted a trade of some GI Joe stuff I was given for some Star Wars stuff I wanted. Several of you were kind enough to reply to me, but oxbigdaddycoolxo was after the lot. I'm not comfortable giving out his whole name or address at this point, but his first name was Tony. We negotiated a trade, and then he did not deliver. I spoke with him a few times since at my expense, and I got nothing but excuses. I have heard nothing in over 2 weeks, when he promised to ship overnight delivery.

    I don't know any of the othe names above, but my guy was oxbigdaddycoolxo at the Port Wentworth address shown above. Maybe your Mandy and my guy are one and the same?

    If anyone knows oxbigdaddycookxo, please let him know I'm fed up and want my stuff! Its been 7 weeks since I sent mine to him, and my patience has run out!!!!!!

    Also, I'm new to this board, so if I have offended anyone or breached any ettiquite please forgive me and let me know.

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    Heck no... you're venting and these people are thieves. Complete jerks and cons.
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    Hey! I just noticed! My guy was oxbigdaddycoolxo. Several of you guys refer to xxobigdaddycooloxx. THe spelling is slightly different; I wonder if my guy was posing as someone else?

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    i think this amanda or amndy was just using that name to fool people, the actual guy would not do something like that. he is an upstanding member of the joe community. perhaps he knew of her, or her of him, and she is using his name (or one like it) to rip poeple off.

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    My oxbigdaddycoolxo was definately a guy named Tony. I spoke with him on the phone several times. He was using the same email as the oxbigdaddycoolxo that you guys refer to on mercerscustoms.com. Those were the references that I checked him out with prior to cutting a deal.

    The wierd thing is that he was using the Port Wentworth address used by Mandy / Amanda / whoever that is listed above. Did anyone ever talk to her to make sure she was really a girl? I know mine was a guy at that address.

    Its been 7 weeks now, and still no stuff!!! Maybe someone who is good friends with oxbigdaddycoolxo ask him to contact me to make sure I'm not dealing with an imposter?

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    where was the address?


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