30th Anniversary Waves 1 & 2 Carded Images Leak


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    30th Anniversary Waves 1 & 2 Carded Images Leak

    Including Renegades figures

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    As seen from this post from ACToys and member Bubble Tiange. It isn't the best picture in the world, but it does give you a GREAT look at what to expect to hit online and retailers in a short few weeks.

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    That's the first time I've seen the Cobra Commander carded. Thanks for the pic.

    SOOOOOO happy that they change the colors on the Viper. The POC Viper looked odd.
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    Sweet that they added the red to the Cobra figures packaging...They need to crank out a Cobra Officer now...

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    That Stalker is a must buy. My shelf needs him.
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    I did not watch the Renegades cartoon, and I am really suprised that I want those figures. I will definately pick those up.

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    Hazard Viper and the Iron Grenadier is a must. They look really good. Maybe Firefly... Ill have to see him in person. i also didnt watch the Renegades cartoon.

    (I watched to first 3 and beside the audio on Youtube being messed up, they where good. NOW they are NOTHING like the old 80's cartoon by far.)
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    Im looking for~
    1989 Crusader Space Shuttle.

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    Renegades was a pretty good toon. I think a Zartan figure with the "camo suit" per the episode where a more classic Zartan came out would be one of the best figures in the line. I can also see the vehicle collectors REALLY liking anything they make from that show. Some great vehicle concepts in there.

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    I just noticed two cobra troopers in the top row, are they both the same or different?

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    I just bought Stalker and the Hazard-Viper and i must say they are amazing looking. The Hazard-Viper is very detailed in its look. Stalker is ....Stalker and this is by far the coolest looking Stalker ever produced.

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    Maybe I shouldn't stop collecting new G.I. Joes. Out of all of those, the only one that I might buy is the Steel Brigade figure.


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