need address to send pic for yojoe archive

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    a while back sent some pictures never got put i am asking for a email address where they will get look at to see it they are worthy for yojoe archive.i have some things that yojoe dont have pics for.thanks

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    Castle Destro

    YoJoe! International Updated: 50+ Funskool Filecards!

    Acmirro - Sturdy Construction For Rugged Play.

    Opie & Anthony XM Sattelite Radio High Voltage 202!!!

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    cool just sent some pics.let me know if the pictures are good.thanks

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    Got the pictures, I'll take a look at them later, hectic here this weekend!

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    ^^^^^^^ thank you [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    jeff have you got a chance to check the pictures i sent yet?


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