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    I'd love to try a bottle but I'm in Canada and it looks like there is no shipping outside the US.

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    I got my Snow Job and Storm Shadow back from myst32yt a while ago and noticed the figures seemed a little bit brittle. The joints were super tight and that made me think they couldn't be displayed in action poses or even played with anymore.

    **caveat: I did treat BOTH figures with peroxide first, so these 2 were "double dipped". The Peroxide lightened the yellowing, but did not remove it.

    So, I decided to disassemble them and use a WD-40 like solution on them to loosen up the joints. That did work but I am monitoring them to ensure they don't RE-Yellow due to that. The figures still seem brittle, but that may be due to the chemicals from double dipping. After treating the joints the figures do move a lot better. I'm satisfied but would rather have a new figure treated that was not put in peroxide to see in person how that goes. I need to buy a bottle of the "juice" so I can give that a whirl. I also want to experiment with logo protection and other color plastics (greenish Cobra Trooper, I'm looking at you and my "sweatty" Recondo).
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    Has anyone experienced any re-yellowing from using Plasti-Bright?

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    I'm primarily a Transformers enthusiast, but signed up here for the express purpose of replying to this thread.

    As far as I can tell, the H2O2 method has been common knowledge for 5+ years now. There's no question that it's effective for removing yellowing, but it definitely has its drawbacks - not the least of which is the fact that it's not a long-term fix (at least not in most cases). A probable majority of users seem to have experienced re-yellowing anywhere from a few weeks to a few years after treatment, even when the pieces have been subsequently stored in complete darkness. What's more, some reports suggest that the yellowing can be far heavier the second time around. Other people have reported embrittlement of the treated pieces, although that seems to be less common.

    This new product - Plasti-Bright - sounds promising, but the real question will be whether or not it can prevent the yellowing from coming back. I'm not asking for the secret formula here, but does Plasti-Bright have anything in it that is specifically intended to prevent or mitigate re-yellowing?

    Also, I notice that the home page for Plasti-Bright shows before-and-after pictures of a Transformers G1 Jetfire, but I'm just wondering if the Transformers community has actually been canvassed with regards to testing this product. I'll bet that if you put this out there to them, you'd have another massive line-up of people wanting to try this or send you their pieces, which in turn would translate into a whole bunch of new colors and plastic types to test this on.

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    Unless Plasti-Bright has some method of which to seal the exposed micro-nooks and crannies formed by the H2O2 removing the yellowed layer, it will ultimately have the same re-yellowing consequences.

    I had a Fortress Maximus that had bright white pieces since I purchased it in 2008. It was wrapped in plastic and kept sealed in a box in a dark closet since then. I just recently inspected it and the once white pieces now have yellowing. I was annoyed and saddened at the same time. The thoughts of H2O2 and Plasti-Bright treatment entertain my mind but after reading the re-yellowing horror stories of H2O2, I'm hesitant to try anything.

    I think I read somewhere someone reported that their toys plastic parts were very brittle after using Plasti-Bright. That's simply not an option for me.

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    For those interested I decided to give the process away... I don't want to deal with legal issues of selling to the general public ;-)

    Use chemistry to remove the yellow from old plastic. [Not Retr0bright] - YouTube

    enjoy... but be careful!
    Remove all the yellow from your FLAGG....

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    Here's how I'm gonna be careful... myst32yt, how much for you to make the solution for me so I can use it myself? I have a Mickey Mouse Cobra Commander with yellowing on his chest and helmet I'd like to restore (if you think it will work). PM me. Thanks!
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