1985 Buzzer with light green pants?


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    1985 Buzzer with light green pants?

    I hope you can see/click the picture. This is a 1985 Buzzer with light green pants( on the left) I have next to a regular Buzzer with blue pants( on the right). These pants are not faded nor are they painted. The plastic is green. I thought maybe it was faded but none of the other parts of the figure are faded. Plus there is a paint chip on his boot that shows the green plastic under the brown paint. I have tried to find pictures of other Buzzers like this but can't. I was wondering if anyone could help me figure out if it is a factory error or a variant? And if a variant which one. Thank you very much!

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    I am pretty certain it is just 'faded' (meaning UV damage and that causes some of the colored plastics to break down, change colors, etc) I have the same issue with my v1 Spirit, his shirt is faded (the other parts are fine color wise, just that shirt seems to be the one with the issue on that figure)

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    Yeah, that's sun damage.

    Fairly common on other blue plastic figures - Shipwreck, Spirit, etc.
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    Yes I have seen alot of Dreds with that same color. kinda cool if its all the same color front and back...use them for custom Dreds!

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    Yeah I really think its just sun damage. You can tell by the color. Why do joes have to get sun damaged!
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    i have a buzzer that has a mis coloer lower leg. the figure is near mint. unplayed with . the whole lower leg even in the knee joint is this way. this isnt uv damage

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    Quote Originally Posted by crockmaster View Post
    i have a buzzer that has a mis coloer lower leg. the figure is near mint. unplayed with . the whole lower leg even in the knee joint is this way. this isnt uv damage

    Thats plastic degredation on the lower leg. Sun isn't the only thing that can do that, temperature, humidity, and a whole host of airborne factors are responsible. With this type of degredation, the entire piece will change color, even in places where its not exposed.

    That lower leg was likely cast from a different batch of plastic than the rest of the leg and was more prone to this problem due to having a slightly different ratio of catalyst or a different plastic formula. Its pretty common to have a part discolor like this when the rest of the figure stays normal. I have a stinger driver that his inner thigh on one side is totally yellow, the rest of the figure is mint condition. When plastic gets yellow like this from degredation, it also becomes very brittle, so be careful bending that leg joint.
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    i really think so that it get sun damaged. its all because of its construction working.

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    I do not believe this is fading do to sunlight or plastic degradation. I have one exactly identical to yours and the paint is to consistent across the whole figure. Mine also has chips on the bottom of the feet showing green plastic underneath. I believe these to either be factory tests or an international variation. The odds are just to slim that both our figures faded or degraded in the exact same conditions

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    I will have to respectfully disagree about the "green pants" Buzzer variant.

    I will dig up my "graveyard" Joe figures because I have come across several Buzzer with sun damaged pants. The plastic has either broken down or the figure was left out in the sun for an extended period of time.

    I will try and post pics of my buzzer figures

    my other thought is why would Hasbro make Ripper and Torch in blue pants and Buzzer in "green pants?"


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