How much is a Red Laser worth?

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    I just purchased a mint loose Red Laser from a collect in the UK. I paid 76 shipped for it, just wondering if i overpaid for it. I have never seen in for sale so i jumped on it. Does anyone else have Red Laser? If so, how did you get it and how much did you pay for him?


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    although that might be a bit high i think he is worth it!

    i love that fig

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    I paid around $42.00 for my Red Laser about a month ago.

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    Don't remember what I paid, since Curt owed me and sent me Red Laser to make up for it...
    Sorry, I blacked out there for a minute. What did I miss?

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    I have one too, really nice shape. Offers welcome. I'll provide a pic

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    I won a lot off ebay about three months ago with red laser (sharpied black), a blades (trashed), and a quarrel (mint) plus 8-12 other figures for $25 shipped from the uk.


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