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    Smile G.I.Joe TCG wants

    I was looking through some of my old Joes items the other day and came across these cards. I would sure like to complete the sets I have. I have a bunch of cards to trade for the ones I need including a bunch of the Holograms.

    3/114 Agent Jinx x2
    5/114 Beachhead x2
    8/114 Chief Torpedo x2
    10/114 Dart
    11/114 Dial Tone x2
    13/114 Duke
    14/114 Dusty x2
    29/114 Law & Order
    32/114 Low Light x3
    34/114 Muskrat
    34/114 Recoil
    39/114 Ripcord x2
    41/114 Roadblock x2
    45/114 Sgt. Hacker
    51/114 Snow Job
    52/114 Spearhead
    54/114 Surefire
    55/114 Tunnel Rat x2
    56/114 Wild Bill
    58/114 Aleph x3
    66/114 Big Boa x2
    68/114 Cobra Commander Foil
    69/114 Cobra Commander
    71/114 Crimson Guard Immortal x2
    76/114 Dice x2
    79/114 Hotwire x2
    92/114 Overkill x2
    98/114 Scalpel x2
    99/114 Sargent Major x2
    100/114 Shadow Viper
    101/114 Skull Buster x2
    102/114 Slice x2
    109/114 Tomax
    113/114 Xamot

    69/78 Crimson Command Copter

    Please let me know if you have any. I am kinda only interested in trades for a good amount...not one or two cards at a time. Either way let me know!

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    I may have a couple of these. If I can find them, you can have them. Just pm me your address and I'll see what I have.
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