gi joe wal mart bio cards

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    gi joe wal mart bio cards

    What can anyone tell me about the gi joe bio cards featuring Wal Mart executive commitee and wht they might be worth.

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    The Wal-Mart cards were given stores. I was told that all stores got one set. The filecards were put on display in employee areas for a while and then given away. That is what I was told by an employee who got a set. I doubt that most store put them on display though.

    If your cards are in good condition with out any holes or creases, then I would give you $200 for the set. They are rare. Send me a pm if willing to sell.


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    Not even in the ballpark price wise. If you are a knowledgeable collector, make a more realistic offer

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    I understand, but that autographed set sold for $500 on ebay and to me personally, I only want the set for $200. Good luck and keep me in mind if you decide to sell at that price.


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    Last set I watched went for $500 on eBay and it was autographed by Same Walton and some of the others. Had a certificate of Authenticity from the Walton Estate. Took 5 tries to get it sold and it went for a tad under $500.

    I think $200 is a fair price, especially not being autographed. If you think they are worth more I would hang on to them because current market price says they aren't. I would give $300-400 depending on the shape. The problem is they are cardboard and can't be displayed very easily.

    I would contact the folks at Roma COllectibles. They have one of the most extensive collections of FileCards and could tell you a pretty fair "insurance value" and a real world "Market value"
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