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    I always thought it was great that he wore the rubber disguise masks over his hood as the Baroness over her glasses.
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    dont you go injecting reality into my fantasy

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    Quote Originally Posted by cardensb View Post
    I still think it was a hilarious outfit overall for a "master of disguise". Where does he blend in at dressed like that? A carnival, fair or circus?

    Sunset Boulevard? Venice Beach? Vegas for sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
    dont you go injecting reality into my fantasy
    That's my new favorite saying Skinny. In fact I'm going to go make that my signature.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icebreaker View Post
    It's neither...

    It's a state of the art holographic producing material that is controlled/ manipulated by brain impulses. Miniature remote scanners can "absorb" pattern and shape through limited physical contact, which is then transferred to the hoods emitters, enabling instantaneous chameleon-like camouflaging.

    Small power cells in the chest armor power the hood holograph emitters. Due to the sensitive brain-wave actuating controls, Zartan can cause a "back-up" of energy under certain emotional and environmental conditions (anger, or extreme sun exposure), this may cause an energy glow or discoloration in his armor or skin!

    Ok, I made that up, but who's buying it?
    I like it!


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