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    Hello people. My name is Maximiliano, I´m from Argentina. As a kid had a few figures and vehicles but all got lost in time. I specialy remember the Falcon glider which didn´t survive for more than half hour after open( That fragile thing).

    I´ve recently rediscovered my taste for vintage joes. I was looking for old stuffs in my mother´s house and found a loose figure that if I remember correctly I got in a flea market along with an R2D2 shaped box for like 50 cents. The thing is, after finding that Joe figure I wanted to find out who he was. It turned out to be Grunt V1 in very good shape with his helmet but without the backpack or the M16 rifle.

    That makes me remember that I also got somewere a Street Fighter Helicopter that it`s a repaint of the Dragonfly. I remember taking it appart to put a 0.049 Cox Baby Bee inside and make it fly!!! ( Stupid kid I was ). Now I would like to restore it and make it look half decent. There are some parts missing like the side cannons and the missiles. I do have the Guile figure that came with the vehicle with a broken thumb and crotch. What I`m looking for mostly is the sticker sheet. I thought that this would be the best place to ask.

    So that`s it. Hope someone can give a help. Greetings.
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