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    Figure Stands From Question

    Since I am having trouble using the Hasbro G.I. Joe figure stands (for some reason the barely fit in the holes) I am wondering if any of you have bought and are using the figure stands that are available from

    Action Figure Stand for Vintage GI JOE 3 3/4"

    How well do they fit the figures? Which ones are you using, the clear of the black? Would these work with Star Wars figures as well?

    If you can give me some advice, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!

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    Personally, I prefer the IDS stands from Marauder's...

    Results for **IDS Action Figure Stands

    Available in clear or black, they accomodate vintage and modern Joes, as well as Star Wars and Marvel Figures. Plus, they're interlockable!

    EDIT: I guess they're sold out of clear at the moment...

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    Hi! I bought 500 of them! then realized it may be a bit safer all round to have the figures in blister packs. The smalljoe stands I bought are the transparent one's, TBH the pegs are a bit big for the feet but saying that it's just a case of filling each peg a bit to tailor it for each individual figure. Maybe a lot of hasstle! The stand itself is really nice though, very nicely made. I have 400 that i'm currently eBaying.

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    I have several of the Smalljoes stands myself. They only fit vintage-style Joe figures, that is something to keep in mind before buying. If that is okay, then I say they are good stands. The peg is actually tapered at the top which goes a long way to reduce cracking the feet of older figures.

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    i'll just PM you :P

    got a bag of actual hasbro stands I was going to launch as an auction on the bay, but if you want to deal outside... it might be better for us both.

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    Thanks for the input Joes. What I can't figure out though is why the Hasbro G.I. Joe stands I bought back in August don't really work with the vintage Joes that I do have. I honestly don't remember having any problems with them in the past, but now for some reason, they barely fit. In fact, a small piece of my 1987 Cobra Commander's foot broke off while trying to use these stands. Needless to say I was a bit upset considering I just bought it complete off of Ebay a couple of weeks before that. The stands I have now all have a 1988 copyright date on them. Please correct me if I am wrong, but aren't all the stands the same (aside from the color) for the 1982-1994 figure line? Or did the size of the peg and the hole in the feet change somewhere in-between?

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    some fit tests:

    Using eco-warrior Deep Six (1992)
    Fits: '87 Brown & '83 Khaki Hasbro Stands
    Slight discomfort: '88 Red & '92 black stands
    Doesn't fit: '92 black Stand

    Using Dusty (series IV, 1985)
    Fits: '87 Brown & '83 Khaki Hasbro Stands
    Slight discomfort: '88 Red & both '92 black stands

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    Something to keep in mind is that even the vintage stands have slightly different peg sizes. The early stands are made from hard plastic and have smaller pegs, the ones that came later in the early 90's are made of a rubbery plastic and usually (but not always) have a slightly larger peg.

    I always test a stand very carefully before I fully attach it to the foot of a figure since I have had a few figures foot crack and the heel goes flying off.
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    So any recommendations on the stands that I do have? Should I file them down so they will work, or is there another universal stand I am overlooking? Or is there an option I am totally overlooking that can be useful?

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    Like I said in my 1st post, I chose to put each figure in a blister case, that way there is zero stress on the figure. I also chose to have each figure "Naked", all it's accessories are loose in the blister instead of clipped etc. to the figure! That way there is no stress on thumbs, arms, gun straps. Problem with that is I can only really pin them to a wall for display rather than stand them in a case! This is why I have a huge box full of smalljoe stands!

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