The Wedding in The Doctor

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    The Wedding in The Doctor

    The Doctor doesn’t die on a beach in Utah after all, but getting a shape-shifting law enforcement craft to impersonate wholesale dvds him at the moment of his death does seem a bit of a cop-out, and by only revealing this after the event is like something out of the serials of the thirties when a crucial scene is deleted from the cliffhanger and only shown the following week. And are the Silence so credulous that they’re not going to make sure appearances are deceptive and The Doctor is actually dead? After all the build-up, it was Doctor Who Seasons 1-6 DVD Boxset a rather pat few minutes to end what the whole year had built up to, even if there needed a let-out clause for The Doctor to survive and the series to continue. This was also an episode with a few nods to climaxes of the Russell T Davies era (the use of real television presenters and people of the Universe telling the Doctor how much they appreciate it for example), and the closing scene with the question of “Doctor Who?” taking us white collar season 2 dvd all the way back to 1963 and the central question of the series. Steven Moffat is obviously setting up future story arcs here, with hints that the question will be asked at the end of the eleventh Doctor’s life (presuming that’s what “the fall of the eleventh” is referring to) in what was quite a powerful closing scene.

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    Spam and spoilers. Strange.


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