Ending Tonight: Zartan v1, Duke v1, Eels, Cobra Soldier v1.5, Sgt. Slaughter v1


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    Lightbulb Ending Monday: Scarlett v1, Flash v1, Duke v1, Crimson Guard, Snow Serpent v1

    All auctions end on Monday night (March 12th). There are 80+ complete figures, some with filecards, a few figure and accessory lots and others. Included in this batch are those mentioned above plus Cobra Commander v1.5, Destro v1, Tomax & Xamot, 82 Grand Slam, 82 Rock n' Roll, 82 Short-Fuze, Spirit, Recondo, Alpine, Lady Jaye, Quick Kick, Hawk v2, Beach Head, Tunnel Rat, Outback, Jinx, Hit & Run, Shockwave, Hooded Cobra Commander, Croc Master, Torch, Ripper, Buzzer, Gnawgahyde, Zarana, Annihilator, Techno-Viper, Frag-Viper, HEAT-Viper, Rock-Viper, Skydive, Big Ben, 92 Ace, Free Fall, Sonic Fighter Dial-Tone, Footloose, Barbecue, Blowtorch, Tripwire, Blizzard, 89 Snake Eyes, 89 Stalker, DEF Shockwave, 97 Snake Eyes, Ferret ATV and more. For more information please click on the following link:

    gijoegarcia items - Get great deals on Toys Hobbies items on eBay.com!

    I also have miscellaneous htf accessories and parts on sale on my ebay store:

    Garcia Joes and More items - Get great deals on 1984, 1986 items on eBay Stores!

    Thank you!
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    Bump, auctions end tonight!!!

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    bump, new auctions posted!!!

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    bump, new listings now posted!!!

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    Bump, auctions end tonight!!!

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    Bump, updated, new auctions!!!

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    bump, new auctions!!!

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    Auctions end tonight!!!!!

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    Bump, new stuff now listed!!!


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