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    I had to get a Photobucket account because I still can't get into my ImageShack one.

    Anyway, I had these photos I took in my basement quite a long time ago. My home is probably over a hundred years old, so the floor is quite worn. I decided not to turn on any lights down there and just took the photos with the natural light coming in through the windows.

    The first one is of Duke, Stalker, Snake Eyes, and Beachhead walking around down there. Who knows who or what they'll run into.


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    That Decepticon one is bad ass bro!
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    Seconded. Can't get enough of that Cyclonus.

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    Thanks, guys! I think that particular Cyclonus figure from the Reveal the Shield line is great. Not only does it have a nice transformation, but it's articulation in robot mode is pretty good.

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    I had some fun with the 50th Outnumbered sets today.

    A Cobra Viper Officer hears a Joe vehicle engine in the distance and tells a Cobra Trooper to get ready with his RPG.

    Little do they know Beachhead has already crept up to there position and is waiting on the other side of it.

    Later on, Destro is captured by Leatherneck and Hawk.

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    I can't get enough of your backyard man!

    Anyway, couple years later, here's a couple from my back yard. No story line. I just didn't feel like setting up lights. So I went out side to use the sun. Shots turned out pretty good for just using my phone.

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    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy

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    Those really are pretty good for just using a phone!

    I haven’t done any outdoor dio pics lately. I like getting down on the ground to take ’em. I injured my lower back last November while doing yard work, so I wasn’t able to get down on the ground like that for several months. I’m better now. I’ll have to take some outdoor pics before winter comes. The foliage out there changes from year to year so they’re always interesting.

    Here are a couple of old pics from out back I didn’t post before:

    Lady Jaye and a GI Joe Trooper in a hole my dog dug:

    Some of 21st Century Toys’ Vietnam War figures, which are poorly articulated like their other early figures, but have pretty nice paint applications:

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    Airtight vs Toxo-Zombie:

    This was shot in my basement on an old shelf today. The "test tube" is just an old jar filled with some leftover nails. It's a pretty random dio, for sure.

    I had a Toxo-Zombie when I was a kid. got some Club ones in, so I ordered one and it arrived this morning with some other figures that I bought. I have the Club's Toxo-Viper, as well. It's cool that they made them in matching colors.

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    I love that you put the Toxo all in shadow, but you can still make out the outline. Very creepy.

    I think I'm going to try to get some Rock-Viper stuff tomorrow morning before it gets hot. One of our neighbors in our building recently moved out, but over the winter he built a little dirt mound parking spot next to the carports for his VW. Now that he's gone there's some pretty cool terrain left hanging out over there.

    Of course, first I have to finish these archive updates
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    Don't You Go Injecting Reality Into My Fantasy

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    Tomorrow’s Halloween, so I thought I’d do a creepy dio in my basement. This one's based on the cover of issue #49 of the 80’s comic. The mummy is Montezuma's Skeleton from the DVD pack wrapped up in a strip of gauze. I used battery operated tea lights to give the effect of torches lit in a tomb. This was super random. I threw this together in a few minutes using what I had available.

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