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    Quote Originally Posted by deadfish View Post

    why cant i post pics like this..instead of having to post a link...tutorial anyone???
    From your album in Photobucket, put your cursor over the pic you want. A pop up should appear. Click on direct link, and it should say "Copied". Now from here click the Insert Image icon and a pop up should appear, prompting you for a link. Paste the link you copied from Photobucket as requested by the prompt. Repeat as necessary. Hope this helps!

    Whoops, guess I was to slow, lol. Glad you got it sorted out, deadfish!

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    Dino-Hunters VS Toxo-Dino

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    nice pic with mountain terrain falcon! for a minute, i was like, did he really get sand to play!! i mean seriously awesome pic that is

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    deadfish, do you have any full body color pictures of your tanks? I'd like to see what they look like.

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