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    I took some photos of some of my new Retaliation Wave 3.5 figures today.

    One of Budo drawing one of his swords:

    And, one of Duke and Flint:

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    I bought another Nocturnal Fire set to trade off some parts. Couldn't find a taker on the boards for the FRAG Vipers, so they went up for auction. Of course that means I needed some pictures. Found this "Brick Pathway" stuff at the $1 store(also available at Walmart in the Christmas section) and a chunk of black ABS plastic at work. BLAMO! Instant urban dio.

    I was in such a hurry I didn't setup my tripod and only used 1 light. So I had to use a pretty high ISO and a wide aperture. They could have been clearer, but I don't know, maybe the grittiness adds to the feel.

    BTW, I'm digging that Flint/Duke shot Alchemist. Your backyard is the coolest. Makes me want to do a Flint/Duke/Mouse shot since those guys all have the same gear.
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    Alchemist & Geek-viper - maximum tastiness..
    I love that tree background on Budo, can't wait to get him.

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    Thanks for the comments, guys. I've got more pictures I took awhile back, but I've been very busy lately and I haven't had the time to upload them. I'm hoping to do some dios outdoors in the snow this year.

    I like the way you posed your FRAG-Vipers, Geek-Viper. And, Christmas time is a good time to pick up dio accessories. I got a lot of things like miniature pine trees that were picked up on sale after Christmas.

    Anyway, keep them dios pictures coming, everyone! I think this is one of my favorite threads here!

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    Here's something I took a few days ago.

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    We got our first major snowfall of the year. I took some quick photos outside:

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    I just took a photo of my Artic HISS:

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    Thanks cageyJG!

    scruffyronin is that a Ret Flint hat on a Ret Trooper head on a Ret Duke body? Looks good. Rest of that dio is wicked too. Lighting is superb.

    So I found these LED x-mas lights that looked about the right scale for Joes. Then I grabbed some scrap plastic from work to use as a ceiling and took a test shot. It's not as bright as I would like to the naked eye. But at ISO 800 and a 1/2 second shutter at f11 it works out alright. I did just sort of slap it together so there are light leaks from the surrounding room light. Plus it's all just sitting on my actual floor. Also, nothing is painted yet. But the dirty plastic and floor give it a gritty underground parking garage kinda feel right now.

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    That dio by scruffyronin looks awesome.

    That's looking good so far, Geek-Viper. The thing with the lights is neat.

    I just logged in here to post more pictures, but the ImageShack website I use is all weird looking and I can't get into my account.

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