YoJoe! Review: Dreadnoks Battle Set!


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    YoJoe! Review: Dreadnoks Battle Set!

    Phillip reviews the new Dreadnoks 7-Pack!

    Cobra's favorite biker gang is represented in the exclusive Dreadnoks Battle Set! Check it out HERE!

    Archive entries:
    Burn Out (v2)
    Dreadnok Thunder
    Road Pig (v4)
    Zandar (v2)
    Zanzibar (v3)

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    Great review, love all the links. After seeing this, I really like zandar better than I did. There are some (what I would call) serious issues with this set, but overall, seems like a great set. One of the biggest issues is that crazy zanzibar (storm shadow lower arms!). Would have liked to get the road pig arm bow, a more accurage weapon for zandar, and some of the other accessories. New legs for most of them too. But, still, not a bad set, they could have done better (like they did with sci-fi and airtight which are excellent), but still, very cool to get these.

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    Did you get this set early for review purposes or are they ready to ship? I ordered mine the day they went up for pre-order. I can't wait to get this set!
    Thrasher (Thunder?), Zandar, and ROAD PIG!!

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    Fantastic review Mr. Donnell!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Chaw View Post
    Did you get this set early for review purposes or are they ready to ship?
    I got it early for review purposes.

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    "Hide your grape soda and chocolate donuts..." lol. Don't forget to hide your breath mints and candy mints. This review was very entertaining, as well as informative. Great job.

    I have a feeling that Hasbro might care less about making convention figure remakes. They'll probably leave that to the 3rd party toy makers, like the Collector's Club.

    Hey can we get a Thrash Machine for Thunder to drive in? LOL.
    Scot, aka Rooster3D
    Rooster3D at deviantArt. Dig around for GI Joe in 3D!


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