what your favorite and least favorite jeep vehicle?


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    Cool what your favorite and least favorite jeep vehicle?

    I am wondering what jeep vehicle do you like and dislike? (more then one is fine)

    examples are vamp,awe striker, ect..

    for me I like:

    the vamp and mk2
    awe strikers
    deseret fox 6wd drive
    cobras stinger
    cobra rattler 4x4

    I dislike:

    eliminator to much like a truck not jeep
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    My favorite would be actually the Sgt. Savage one. People call me crazy but it has alot of detail and looks just like a real jeep like the ones in MASH! http://www.yojoe.com/sgtsavage/grizzly.shtml Not a great picture!

    My least favorite would be well Guess i dont have any haha
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    I love the Eliminator. Back in the day (being a later '80s kid who never had a VAMP), it probably saw more usage in my yard than any other Joe vehicle, next to the Warthog.

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    The VAMP is my hands-down fav, but they all have their uses. What does bother me is the poorly engineered suspension on a lot of vehicles that wears out over time to the point that you almost can't use them anymore. The AWE Striker is notorious for wheels scraping in the back (due to the loose suspension). The Eliminator is pretty bad, too. The Desert Fox's front axle is damaged on every one I've seen and the wheels go in opposite directions. Other than the rollbar, the VAMP is almost bomb proof!
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    I really can't stand the VAMP. Not one bit.
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    Lov the AWE striker! Got tons of play as a kid. Not sure if the APC counts but it would be my fav by a long shot.

    I don't really have one that I dislike but I really don't have any post 86 jeeps. Maybe I should say that I dislike all post 86 jeeps
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    The AWE striker (rahc-black) is my favorite (as of now). I sort of hope there is a new "mk. II" AWE at some point, though. Something about the AWE being more dune buggy-like that appeals to me.

    Nice as it is, the 2004 Humvee felt too plain and real, so while I didn't dislike it, it is low on my "favorites."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Icebreaker View Post
    Nice as it is, the 2004 Humvee felt too plain and real, so while I didn't dislike it, it is low on my "favorites."
    I really Like that Humvee! I could sware they had a really Humvee from Iraq and molded it jsut like that one! Even the color! I really like that one!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Volleydan View Post
    I really can't stand the VAMP. Not one bit.
    Ha Ha and Ha.

    You funny.

    VAMP and AWE for me.
    disliked the re-use of the Desert Fox for the Dino Hunters and really disliked the updated VAMP molds from the 2K era (with the adjusted rollbars).
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    I always liked the Stinger, but it's a close second to the Awe striker, the suspension on the Awe wins me over.

    Least favorite - Tiger Force vamp - I never saw the point in painting tiger stripes on vehicles for a subteam. As a kid I loathed them lol and wondered why anyone would drive around in something so garish


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