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    So far it's looking very much like the movie I dared not to dream possible. Way to go, John Chu!!!!!

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    I am so excited for this movie! Rattlers, Water Mocassin, and was that a Mirage? Score! I like the way Cobra Commander looks, and while I don't understand why Cobra Troopers can't just look like Cobra Troopers, I do like the way Cobra Troopers have been made to look. I agree with some of the criticism of Lady Jaye. She should have shorter hair, but who knows? Maybe she will do that in the movie? I hope the rumor about Sgt Slaughter is true; that would be a seriously awesome cameo. I hope there are Hiss tanks in this movie; I hope if there are, that they look like Hiss tanks. I am bursting with things to say, I'm so excited. I must restrain myself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraViperClassic View Post
    I hope there are Hiss tanks in this movie; I hope if there are, that they look like Hiss tanks.
    You might want to go back and look around 1:59 in the trailer.

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    Is mouse the same guy in the movie as he was in sgt. savage?

    That would be awsome to see the sarge in this movie to! Sgt. Slaughter is all time favorite Joe!

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    I'm officially excited. I hope they explain the missing characters from the first movie, and not just ignore the fact that the roster is completely different. I can't stand when shows and movies inexplicably change characters with no explanation.

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    Duke looks a lot like robocop ! i always imagined patrick swayze to be duke! but since he isnt there, , i guess tatum luks good too.. and am i waiting for the Cobra to hit screens!!

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    It would be really funny if Duke got completely shot to pieces and then someone announced he was in a coma.

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    Is it June 29th yeat??

    This looks fantastic. Can't beleive Bruce Willis is part of this- how fantastic!! AND THE ROCK!!

    Agree with some of the posts on the Ninjas- also agree to some extent with LJ comments but doesn't detract from her in the least.

    This is GONNA ROCK!! (Pun intended!! )
    I'm into Heavy Metal, mayhem and explosions.....


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