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    So it's basically G.I. Joe 155 1/2. Not bad.

    And I guess they got my memo on Duke because C.T. seems to be doing a better job so far. If they can just keep his role minimized in the movie... and keep away from Scottish voice-activated vehicles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 80s Child View Post
    You are probably right - that probbaly is the new version of the H.I.S.S.

    But it also wouldn't surprise me if they have old Joe Colton get an old-timey tank like this File:Vickers E.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia with a similar tread configuration to the classic H.I.S.S. from a military museum near Washington D.C. or something (like the air & space museum scene in TF2) and have him wedge the gas pedal down or something as he dives out at the last minute (a la Die Hard 4) and the bombed-out, burned out tank careens into a podium where Zartan or whoever is standing to save the day.
    In my opinion I thought it looked more like a MOBAT. might just be me but it wasnt taller like the hiss and it was more wider like a MOBAT. I sure hope it is a hiss tho!

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    that is NOT a HISS tank.
    Looking for Arctic Commando Snow Serpent, Starduster version A, and 82/83 trooper rifles.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 80s Child View Post
    Overall I was so JAZZED by everything in it, except Lady Jaye.

    Why give her blue eyes and long red-ish brown hair? That's basically Scarlett. LJ should have that short pixie haircut from Sunbow with BROWN eyes to match and that raspy smokers voice that made her so unique. - We don't need a Scarlett clone. Scarlett and Covergirl got the first movie, so Jaye & Jinx got the sequel. Also, Jinx should have short almost spikey black hair, but I can live with her portrayer having long hair more, because:
    A.) It isn't as iconic to her character's look as Jaye's short hair is.
    B.) It will be hidden under her hood often I'm sure.

    It's like they don't think women can be sexy without long hair - plus they're soldiers first, so sexy shouldn't be their primary concern anyway, but if that's the concern - then what was wrong with how she looked in the Sunbow episode "Skeletons In The Closet"?????????

    Also, why not throw a toned-down Zarana in too for the cycle?

    But overall - it looks pretty vicious!!
    Lady Jaye actually has dark borwn, almost black hair in the movie. The scene where she has red hair, she is in disguise, and it is followed by a scene showing her removing the red hair (im not sure if it is a wig, or some electronic device that made her hair appear red)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blackjack817 View Post
    Lady Jaye actually has dark borwn, almost black hair in the movie. The scene where she has red hair, she is in disguise, and it is followed by a scene showing her removing the red hair (im not sure if it is a wig, or some electronic device that made her hair appear red)
    Yeah - but even when she's in the desert with her dark-brown-black hair she just looks like they are trying to make her into Meghan Fox 2.0 like when she was in the desert in Transformer Revenge of the Fallen all sweaty and squinty when Starscream was looking for her and Sam. Also, when she turns to Joe Colton in the El Camino and asks "are you okay?" it's like the same look & hair & make-up as Megan in TF1 when she turns to Bee in the towtruck and says "I'll drive, you shoot". If Megan Fox were meant to be an action star, Bay wouldn't have kicked her off the 3rd TF film. So, I don't know why casting on GIJ2 is trying to relive that mistake on the Lady Jaye front.....

    But other than that, the movie looks to be pretty fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Average Joe View Post
    that is NOT a HISS tank.
    its a Rip saw:
    Rip Saw - Tracked ATV - YouTube

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    Well the HISS was just a Sentry tank. The Ripsaw fits the bill as a HI Speed Sentry. sides the thing looks mean. I like it. The trailer was good too
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    Thats a Ripsaw

    As stated above, that is a ripsaw from Howe and Howe tech. The last episode I watched, they were getting a remote control one ready for "an up and coming blockbuster movie", guess we know which movie it is. I always thought it looked like a his tank, but not quite right. This movie looks epic, and Im not bummed they didnt stick to the GI JOE universe perfectly, **** in the cartoon, no one ever got killed. Hopefully some air viper wont parachute to safety at the exact moment a SAM hits his rattler. And Im just glad cobra commander got his fish bowl back. YO JOE

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    Quote Originally Posted by skinny View Post
    O.k., that video was just sweet. Next iteration needs armor plating and a gun turret.


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