HOw many fiugres is an Army in "Army Build"?

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    HOw many figures are considered an Army to army build? I usually top out a figure between 6 or 8 except with cobra infantry those guys I have about 18 of

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    I try to buy in increments of 4, whenever possible.
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    same here but there are people at 100+
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    i don't call anything an army unless i got 30 to 36 of them, why, i don't know. but then again i got spoiled with the 156 tru infantry i got.

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    I heard different #'s from different poeple my tru army is my green vipers I got over 300 of them. But other poeple has got lots more than me.....
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    publicenemy you got a SWEET army...
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    I consider four of the same an army

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    I consider "army building" buying more than one of any particular figure to represent multiples of that trooper. For example, I army build Gyro Vipers even though I only have 3 (enough to fly my one Mamba). My numbers vary, but usually I make squads of 8 and sometimes 12. Some figures I build more than one squad, some only one squad, and some I just use as a leader of a squad. Other "armies", especially vehilce drivers, are built specifically for the number of vehicles I have (or plan to have), so they don't fall under the squads of 8 rule.
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    Its really up to you on what size an army is. Most are 8-20.

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    I am army building Falcon V1 and so far have 9 of him and would like a few more than I will be done. I can't even imagine 300+ of the same figs, wow.



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