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    ohio- right next to the air force museum- which totally rules.
    man you are so lucky. I can't remember the front end that i am supposed to be getting, but i hope it's hyperspin. that is awesome. do you still need chd files for the cartridge games? or are those just for laser disk and cdrom arcade games (i don't understand this too well, but i understand it enough to know it's a big pain). your video is making me impatient for my stuff to arrive. also, shooter games, do they work at all with emulators, and lcd screens, or is a big "no"?
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdog View Post
    supposedly the package i purchased will have emulators and roms for nes/smes/ and genesis. if they work out i would be happy to share them. most of those games were pretty awesome, but i did see those emulators and roms at a certain site (for free) I am just not certain if we can mention names or link to that kind of stuff. I know the mame emulators are legal, so i don't think there's a problem with that. but that would be wicked cool to play snes games on a bigscreen.
    I will also check into the MK gamestick combo. I can't remember if that was a playstation only item when the other classics packs of MK came out, but we don't have a ps3 (yeah, i know) we just have a couple 360's (and an older one for a back up when they eventually blow up. the mortal kombat series was my favorite, next to the the first 3 resident evil seies (and later #4).
    Yeah the MK stick I saw was for PS3, but I guess it's 50/50 if they have one for 360. They didn't even have UMK3 on PS3 for the longest. (my fav MK game) I had a 360 for awhile and I did enjoy it. I was a Xbox fanboy for a few years there, and I still have my Xbox1, buty my 360 broke twice in less than a year and I was DONEEEEE son. Never again. Had some mean braggin rights ona few games on 360 as well. As far as anyone can tell, I was the first on Xbox to get 1000/1000 on Devil May Cry 4. (tough to do). Anyway, I woulda held on if I could have....sadness, but I have loved my PS3 and enjoyed getting back into fighting games because they're more playable on that controller. Though I just saw a way to modify the 260 d-pad to be like PS3. Madly off topic, anyway...lol

    That sounds really cool about the cab and all those roms. That's some sick stuff. No need to mention particular sites, just search emulator for particular system in question, and find a ROM for the game you want to play.

    Let us know about some of those arcade games that may have been forgotten over the years. It'd be cool to play some of those old games again. I know when I used to have the 1000+ NES games on Dreamcast, there were SOOOOOO many games I completely forgot about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hotdog View Post
    also, shooter games, do they work at all with emulators, and lcd screens, or is a big "no"?
    I've always read that lcds do not work with light gun games. I guess you have to figure out how much you would play them. Although it is easy to find 37" TV's with pretty good quality on craigslist for pretty cheap.

    Never got MAME to work, but i've been emulating NES, SNES, and N64 for a while now with a USB gamepad. Would love a cabinet, so way to go! I think you could build one a lot cheaper than $4500! Good luck!

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    A friend of mine has a custom MAME cabinet at his house, its not bad but has glitches. I have a ton of emulators and roms on my laptop that all work great. I also mod consoles and portables to play emulators/roms. I modded all of mine and never had a problem unless its a newer console and they just require updates. You can also go the simple route with some handhelds and get an R4 card or other cards like that which I did for my Nintendo DSi and 3DS and you just download the roms to a memory card. You can do that with older console roms too, just have to make sure you do it right.

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    I was wondering if GBA games can be played on SNES emulators or would they require a seperate emulator. Never looked into it.....hmmm

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    Quote Originally Posted by CobraLALALALA View Post
    I was wondering if GBA games can be played on SNES emulators or would they require a seperate emulator. Never looked into it.....hmmm
    Separate emulator. Just google GBA emulator, and you'll find the right one.

    An emulator is designed for that one specific system....just the same way you can't plug a GBA game into a SNES console and expect it to work.

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    MAME is the way to go.
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