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    Grand Slam. He came with the HAL but that was the extent of his existence in my collection.
    CM: Charlie-Mike, "Continue The Mission."

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    Quote Originally Posted by nero9000 View Post
    My two Star Brigade Armor-Tech figures died within seconds of every battle. That armor did nothing for them.

    As I got more figures and didn't need to use everybody, the first ones to fall were Major Bludd, Dojo and Rock-Viper. I've since gained much more respect for the other two, but Dojo is as useless as ever.
    The 91 Cobra Commander was terrible, and I dropped him even before I got a replacement CC. I put a Shredder cloak on Barricade to turn into some kind of Doc Doom type, so that Cobra had a leader. He didn't get much respect, either, as his troops usually turned against him at some point. In fact, SAW Viper beat him up so badly he broke his shoulder and his head was knocked right loose. That was pretty much the end of Barricade as Cobra leader.
    I forgot about Dojo. He was one of the most awkward figures. I had a running gag with my friends where he'd be a stilted but friendly weirdo who would introduce people to the marvelous wonderland that exists only in his mind, singing in a high operatic voice, "Wel-come to de land of Do-jo!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super Sport View Post
    Joey Lawrence. I ******* hate that guy.


    Thanks...another repressed memory brought back. I had successfully buried that dude for 20 years until tonight.

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    Sci Fi, Sneak Peak, Chuckles, Cross Country , Taurus , Crazy Legs and Lift Ticket were all considered a joke and killed off

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    Zarana was an unwanted present and she never really made it into any stories. I wish I'd appreciated her more though, she's kind of cool.

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    Well I never owned Crystal-ball but Raptor and Sci-Fi were the two who I never used much, come to think of it I never used Gung-Ho v2 either but had much respect for the uniform.

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    Crazy Legs was always given the worst jobs. If somebody was getting thrown out of a window for the fun of it it was him.

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    For me, Leatherneck always died but it ended up motivating everyone else. Sneak Peek died a lot too, but no one cared.

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    Grunt, Short Fuse and Zap ... they were all so generic looking, so they got that kind of respect. Often they were the guards who got kidnapped/killed during Cobra infiltrations. Duke didn't get much respect either.

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    I never liked Serpentor as a kid. I hated when the new guy came in and was the new leader of Cobra.


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