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    First guy that comes to mind is Scoop. Do the Joes really need a field reporter? I have no idea why I got that guy.

    And try as I might I just couldn't fit Crystal Ball into anything.

    Flipping through the vintage pics it occurs to me, I guess I didn't use Cover Girl much at all either. That's why she was in Mint condition for the archive.
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    My Doc figure got no real use as a kid. I loved the character in the comics and cartoons, but I didn't know how to play with the figure. It's the only figure I have from my childhood thats in mint condition.
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    Crystal Ball got NO RESPECT. He was traditionally killed off starting every battle. He usually took a Mauler round to the chest and was flung across the room.
    hahahahahaha nice

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    Blowtorch, sadly. It wasn't that I didn't like him, it's just that he was one of those figures that wasn't fun without his gear. I wasn't very good with not losing figure's gear before 1986. It wasn't a problem for figures like Grunt and Cobra Trooper. Lose their rifles? No problem. Give them different ones. But, Blowtorch without his flamethrower wasn't much fun. It was his thing. Another figure that I found to be unfun without his gear was Zartan. I remember losing stuff like his pads.

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    Once I lost his gear, FAst Draw was always an "easy kill" for Cobra. For some reason, I never liked Snow Serpent as a kid either...


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