Joes from your childhood that got no respect!!

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    Joes from your childhood that got no respect!!

    Inspired by the thread about favorite figures, I got to wondering: which were your least favorites? The ones you had but didn't really care to use? The characters that always met ignominious ends? Or the ones who just sat in your box? Maybe it was the completionist impulse. Or maybe your parents were making their best guess for Christmas. Or maybe you wanted it at the store, and once you got it home you just couldn't remember why. I'm sure we all had them. And let's face it, you need some expendable Joes in the mix to keep the good ones alive.

    When Sneak Peek went on a group mission, he usually died first. On the rare occasion he didn't die first, he died second.
    Sci-Fi was purely cannon fodder for his best friend Blaster to grieve and avenge. Notable exception: he once sacrificed himself to save the rest of the team!
    DEF Mutt ran lone night patrols at HQ and would usually meet with one terrible unspeakable fate or another.
    Mega Marines Clutch drove the Monster Blaster APC, but seldom got out of the cockpit alive because he was so orange.
    When the Tomahawk would arrive for an extraction, Lift Ticket was almost always shot, forcing a crash landing and the continuation of our adventure.
    I don't think I ever did anything with Battle Corps Outback or Bazooka. They manned turrets on the Battle Wagon. I think.

    Share, please!

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    Crystal Ball got NO RESPECT. He was traditionally killed off starting every battle. He usually took a Mauler round to the chest and was flung across the room.

    It wasn't until I read that his likeness was supposed to be Vincent Price that I gained the smallest respect for him...but he is still bottom of the pile.

    I didn't care much for Zandar either. Too pink to do battle if I remember correctly.

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    Yeah, Sci-Fi usually sat at the bottom of my Joe box. Just didn't care for the neon green. Also, I rarely used Grand Slam, but used Flash quite a bit. Odd!
    Another one was Tan Clutch-I prefered the original
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    Iceberg go no respect or playtime from me, I was just too loyal to Snow Job. Plus he had cool gear as opposed to only one gun........lame

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    Chuckles got very little love from my posse and I. C'mon, Hawai'ian shirt and that tiny gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jason75 View Post
    Chuckles got very little love from my posse and I. C'mon, Hawai'ian shirt and that tiny gun.

    C'mon now take it easy on my man, he was

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    Don't get me wrong, I think he's badass now, especially after the recent comic series. As a kid, not so much.

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    For me it was Gung-Ho v2. All my other joes teased him 'cause he was dressed way too nice to play outside.

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    I think it would have to be Dr. Mindbender. When I played I always portrayed him as a whiny, sniveling, weakling of a character who would usually get killed early on. I remember one time I had his cape get caught in the engine of the Warthog and was cut to ribbons.

    In the mid 90s I ended up burning the figure at the stake. It was tore up by that point so I figured what the ****.

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    The top three on my Suck-o-meter would have to be:

    Crusty Balls

    And honorable mention goes to Suck-Out with those rediculous radar dishes on his arms. Though if you used him as a lobotomized body with a CPU grafted to his brain that gets commands from a remote, then hes somewhat more tolerable. The figure itself was not bad looking and went well with 86 Sci-Fi in appearance, but his accessories ruined him.
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