Cold Slither T Shirts @ for the next four days.

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    Cold Slither T Shirts @ for the next four days.

    Just like the title says. Cold Slither Tees @ www. Nowhere Bad .com for $12 (+3 s/h). They are one of those Tee Shirt sites that sells a certain shirt for a few days. once the few days are up, you can't buy them anymore. Anyways, I saw it listed and felt the need to share. Sale ends in a few days.

    Please note: I am in no way affiliated with the site Just a fan of their kooky shirts and I'm always trying to share the GI Joe madness.

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    Thats too funny. I've gotta have one of those!
    "You can do it, Grunt. You've got to do it, man." - Zap (Marvel #4)

    My wants

    ***/ (5#)####

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    I like the way that the font is similar to Twisted Sister since that is who (to me) Cold Slither look like.

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