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    custom cardbacks

    I wasn't sure where to put this thread up at so I figured here would be good ? I was just curious if anybody has delt with this web site / eBay seller ? I was going to order some for a friend in the U.K. on BLOOD FOR THE BARON .COM, but the seller won't even sell to me because I mentioned I was acting as a "go between" for another party from the U.K.
    So why do you think he won't let me send his product to the U.K. ? I just don't understand why he would pass up $$$ ?

    Beggar's Canyon Toys

    any thoughts ??

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    Owner explained the situation & I am content with his answer

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    do you want me to get them for the guy(who was it that wanted them again, pm me on bftb)
    Looking for Brazil Estrela Falcon Piloto(tan glider pilot grunt) and Estopim(tan Grunt) complete, as well as an Argentine front(Grunt) a Venezuelan Grunt(not sure of name). Thanks

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    Thanks man, but the seller has his reasons & doesn't want to sell to Europe. I guess I can kinda understand . I was just trying to help a collector out & just didn't work out . I wasn't out anything & the "person" wasn't offering aything worth while for my time & effort ,so I'm not out anything important on the deal . I didn't need anything form this person, just saying I'm not out something that was really important to me. so I'm just going to let it go having the satisfaction that I tried to help

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    It makes me happy to see there is a marking on the back that these are repro. Otherwise, these are so well made they could have been passed off as real by somebody who buys and resells them with the figure in them.

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    Does the seller have custom Cobra de Aco cards? Been looking for one for a while.

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    I am curious as to the reason that they wouldn't sell to your friend in the UK. Regardless, I have bought many of these repro kits from these guys recently. I got a full set of 1984 Joes, an 85 Snow Serpent, and a Star Wars AT-AT driver. The AT-AT driver card was a little disappointing, at least the back of it was. The print quality on the back is not great and has a photocopied look on some of the pictures. The rest of it is solid though. The Joe cards are outstanding! I have already re-carded a Storm Shadow, Recondo, Snow Serpent, and Roadblock. They look really good. I am sure some people will use these things to cheat someone, there is always a dirtbag willing to do this. But for those of us that just like how a MOC figure displays, these are great. And even if I decide to sell them, there is a market for these figures when correctly listed as cardback repros. But I'm not selling, I love them.

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    They said they put to much time & effort into this project to have them copied & sold in Europe ? I guess ? I wouldn't mind having the 1st series done to display . I would like to have some for my BLACK MAJOR customs. I seen one of those on ebay that looked really cool


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