USA Today Debuts Retaliation Toys!

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    USA Today Debuts Retaliation Toys!

    USA Today reveals nine figures from this summer's movie!...

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    Figures come out May 28th!

    Check out the full story here!


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    I may have to buy a couple once they hit clearance. That Cobra Commander and Soldier are cool.

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    The Rock looks a little anorexic!

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    I like all of 'em. I will be grabbing a bunch this summer. Troop building the trooper is obvious, but I am tempted to troop build that CC too.

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    RoadRock looks as stupid as I expected... Jabroni.
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    Eh, I really don't care for the actor likeness figures, but the CC and trooper figures, plus that red ninja make up for their "blah" factor. I will buy one of each of the Joes, but I am going to troop build the ever-livin' Mumm Ra out of those troopers. And ninjas. And probably CC because I have a problem....

    Can't decide if movie CC becomes my default commander or if I will treat him as a trooper and leave Resolute CC in command.

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    what a surprise

    another snake eyes, duke and storm shadow.

    at least the cobra and joe troopers look pretty sweet.

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    I predict tons and tons of Duke and Roadblock on the pegs with a Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow here and there. All the others will not be found
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    GI Joe Retaliation Movie toys revealed!

    IMO, there are a lot of winners here! Cobra figures look 100x better than the first movie. Can't imagine any Joe fan not wanting a Rock Roadblock.

    G.I. Joe Retaliation Movie Figures Revealed - GI Joe -

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