Anyone else having trouble finding wave 2?

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    I still haven't seen wave 2 here in dallas, now I hear wave 3 is coming soon?
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    Oddly enough, we are flooded with Wave 2 up here. My TRU just got in a new case full of Wave 2 last week. Why they wouldn't get wave 3 I don't know. If you need some, let me know.

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    I've only seen them on trips out of town. As far as local stuff nothing but wave 1 still.

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    All of my local Wal-Marts & Targets (usually Bread & Butter) have been awful here lately.
    My Targets are flooded with Hi-Techs and Mindbenders (Who'd've thought kids wouldn't be psyched for a "computer nerd/ dude in a lab coat" 2-pack).
    My Wal-Marts DON'T EVEN HAVE PEGS FOR 3&3/4" JOES ANYMORE! Is that happening anywhere else?!

    ....I've had to resort to K-Marts ($8.99 a 2-pack!) and Toys'R'Us's, which isn't too bad since I've run across a few more Infantry packs.
    I only need one more Joe!...
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    The K-Mart about 20 mins from here has had wave 2 for a while. I've checked every Thursday for a good month or two, the same ones have been there collecting dust.

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    Out of the three walmarts in my town, one doesn't carry joes, the other seems to only have the 12inch stuff and the third is pretty good so far. It's odd that all three stores don't get the same shipments. I think in general Walmart is getting pretty bad for action figures. Noone seems to have a clue what to order anymore.

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    I finally found all of them in the KC area. I don't know if there are a lot of them out there in the area since I haven't gone back to check since I bought them on Friday.

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    the walmart i work at has had joes on the pegs again for a while now.... but that might have something to do with the fact that i'm buddies with the toy dept. manager... we got wave 2... if anyone needs anything, lemme know.

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    I've never seen any of them in any of the stores here in Des Moines. Saw some in Fredricksburg, VA while I was out there last month. But Drummer1279 (thanks Jeremy) found some a while back here in D.M., and I traded for one of the Baroness two-packs. Since that the only one (barely) worth owning.

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    all the local places ie walmart tru and the big k's all have tons but nobody's buyin for 7.99 ........waitin for the 6.99 at targ
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