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    It is my collection. I'm not planning on selling at this point...but I'm doing this for two reasons. We found out recently that we are going to be parents. I want to know what my collection is worth for two reasons:

    1) An emergency sale. You never know when you'll need the money.

    2) Insurances purposes. I'd like to get an idea how much I should be buying for these items.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Here's what I'd like to do. I'd like those interested in seeing my collection to send me an e-mail. I can reply directly into an e-mail or I can attach an Excel sheet. The Excel sheet is much easier to understand. LMK which you would prefer.

    Let the e-mails come. Thanks to Curt and Sigfrido for helping out already.

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    PM sent but I am sure you have heard the same stuff already
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    WANTED carded 1982-88 Joes for my collection

    You can’t stop the signal

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    shoot me the emails
    but i'm not a dealer i'm just a collector
    and i can'nt give you ebay worht because i donot do ebay sales i collect not sell sorry

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    I'm sorry to say that full collections really vary. You're not going to nail down any solid answers for the following reasons:

    1. Too many variables such as size of lot, overall cond. of pieces (completeness), and number of rare/hot figures all go into the final total. We're talking all loose now. A carded/MIP collection will get you some serious cheese. . .

    2. With the huge loose figure lots on ebay, even more randomness is thrown in depending on how you list it, where you list it, and how well the pics turn out.

    Here's an example of a standard "very huge" ebay lot. . .

    Now why's it still only at that price? Not very many closeup pics for one (even when you enlarge it), and the main focus is the Flagg, so everything else would be considered secondary according to the bidder. And as stated earlier, a seller would only want it for the most profitable turnover.

    Using myself as an example, I got nearly 400 figures all 100% mint complete w/filecards and nearly 100 vehicles including all the major playsets totally complete.

    This took alot of time & hard work to assemble, as I'm super nitpicky.

    Now if I sold them all at once on ebay, I could only realistically expect less than 1.5k, maybe 2k at the most.

    Oh, and don't forget shipping. That's the last thing a prospective buyer want to deal with on large lots. Probably the #1 reason why giant lots aren't that popular.

    But if you sell it off piece-by-piece, there's just the torture of watching all your hard work slowly fade. Not to mention being stuck with all the unpopular stuff.


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    All I gotta say about that collection is one thing (other than that is SWEEEEET):

    What in the heck do you use to string up those planes?

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    Send me an e-mail as well. I wouldn't mind looking it over. I give pretty honest opinions and good prices on stuff.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Deogg:
    All I gotta say about that collection is one thing (other than that is SWEEEEET):
    What in the heck do you use to string up those planes?

    Was that me you were referring to?

    I use the same thread and tacks used in upholstery. Fishing line tends to slip on the heavier planes, could be also because I can't tie fishing line at all

    Thanks for looking. Didn't mean to derail the topic w/that, sorry! Carry on everyone!


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    Thanks for the breakdown ObiWan, very good points.

    I'm kind of in the same boat, I bought a number of smaller collections to acquire some particular items so now I'm left with a rather large extra collection outside of my personal collection that I need to move. Over 500 figures, lots of army builders & good figures.

    I had considered selling it all as one giant lot, talked with BigFan about it, got a decent offer for the whole thing but the guy hasn't followed up so I'll probably be breaking it apart and selling as singles very soon once I finish getting pictures done. What a hassle! [img]smile.gif[/img]

    For any of the guys above who say they buy collections and are interested drop me a note, as I'm moving in a month I will definetly consider all reasonable offers as it'll save me a ton of time which I can spend on packing & moving [img]smile.gif[/img]
    ReilToys has closed - thanks for all the memories guys!

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    Man that is one heck of a collection, dude.

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    send me a list as well thanks and some pics too
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