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    The upcoming Slipstream (depending on his paint scheme)

    (6-way tie) The Cobra Infantry figs

    And Agent Orange, you're absolutely right. The overwhelming majority of them are crap.

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    The best design for a GIJOE goes to Cross Hair and Wide Scope. I know Cross Hair has pretty small hands, but besides that his proportions are so perfect they compensate for that minor flaw. As for Wide Scope, he looked realistically like a real SWAT guy. Sure he had long legs, small crotch, and small hands too, but those flaws are actually tolerable.

    The best design for a COBRA would either be COBRA Commander(Wave 8) and COBRA Coils. COBRA Commander looks very close to the original version and has a lot of excellent detailing. COBRA Coils looks like the perfect "Fast and the Furious" type of bad guy who's strong and probably quick too.
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    Whoooo Hooo...I think I'm in the 1,000 Post club as of this post...but on to business:

    G.I. Joe: Leatherneck from the Defense Mech. Very nice update to a classic figure. Love the Helmet.

    Cobra: Neo-Viper Commanders. Very nice figs, save the long neck. The Neo-Vipers themselves come in a close second.

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    Man this is a tough one. I'll go with Crosshairs and Wild Weasel as well. I can't really even mention the Trooper 6 packs figures b/c they are mostly old sculpted figures with new heads.

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    Kamakura 1
    Agent Faces (from the two-pack w/Zartan)

    Wild Weasel
    VvsV Dr. Mindbender
    Swamp Rat (I just can't help it)

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    snake eyes- the one that came with hooded cobra commander and duke with spy troops movie. The mold is just awesome in my eyes.

    Coils- Great mold and great idea for troops from Hasbro. Glad to see they still have some original ideas.

    Cobra Commander- VvV I love this mold when he was released in blue but the black uniform is what made him so great to me.

    BATS- Everyone of the new sculpts. EDxactly what the BATS should be in my opinion. And now with VvV we have three different true variations of them.

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    Talk about a tough choice...
    i'm a big fan of pretty much all of the wave one Spy Troops...
    i have to agree with the Crosshair choice...although i think the NF version is slightly cooler...
    I also really love the single pack versions of Stalker and Snake Eyes...slightly better colors and awesome accessories...
    i'd also like to toss out an honorable mention for the black uni Wild Bild and Ace...
    as for Cobra...that BATS take it hands down...with Neo-Vipers a close second...with Tele Vipers and VvV Mindbender getting honrable mentions...

    I think the best is yet to come in the next wave though...
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    Night Force Crosshair for the joes, and the infantry pk for cobra, has this been said?

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    I like the design of Crosshair's outfit and colors.But what ruins the figure is his tiny hands and long tall body with a very ugly head.

    The Tele-Vipe is cool,but again to big.Hes giant when compared and lined up with the rest of my Cobra's and Joes alike,again same problem with the dorky Iron Grenadier..

    I like the Neo-Viper but colors are still wrong and his left hand design is messed up.

    I say the best figure is the Cobra Commander with the battle helmet despite some proportion problems.

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    I think I'll try to say some that haven't been said yet From the new sculpt Joes, I like:

    Shipwreck (w/ Piranha)
    Gung Ho (W/ Zarana)
    Scarlett (Spy Troops repaint; VvV figure isn't too bad...bad, but not too bad and certainly not Two Bad.. )

    Honorable Mention: Chief Torpedo, Ace, Spir..errr Dart.

    From Cobra:

    The new Viper sculpt is good. The colors, slightly metrosexual...this should get repainted and reissued with Shipwreck, if Hasbro is having a hard time deciding who to put Shipwreck with in a 2pack.

    Heavy Water's sculpt was pretty good, same with pretty much every cobra commander in the line, except the ones without an o-ring.


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