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    Kamakura V1 (ninja yay!)
    Night force Recondo and Duke
    Snake Eyes with all the pouches and articulations

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    yeah see, i am liking too many of them.
    chalk up another tie for second for gung ho.
    i like him, he's right here with SE in some plastic bushes.

    nice to see some others like NF duke. probably the best out of the 86 recent versions.
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Sand Viper
    Wild Weasel from the Night Adder
    Neo Viper w/oring

    Those are the only 3 new sculpts I like.

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    I agree with most of you on the crosshairs, kamakura, the coils and cobra comanders. I might be crazy for this but I really liked the shipwreck that came with cobra mountain and I liked switchgears the both stand out awsome figures. I also liked the wide scope figure. these three joe figures to me represents what hasbro has to offer on ther figure sculpts. the cobra figures are the snow serpants the are just awsome looking update to the orginal smow serpant. the other cobra figures are just about egual; except for all the viper of the 86 version, how many of these do we need? I have now problem with the VvV one I think it is pretty neat.
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    Thumbs up

    Well, my favorite molds since the JvC restart are as follows:

    -Both ST and VvV Snake Eyes'!!!
    -ST Beach Head (the one that came with my R/C vehicle)

    -My B.A.T! ARMY!!! (V'3.1-3.2-4, OverKIll, B.A.T.Transport)
    -Iron Grenadier, snappy armor. I need the urban cammo version and MORE!
    -Destro, casual ^-^'
    -Cobra Commander- Black hood O-ring, Blue helmet
    -Zartan riding Transformers Armada Sideways, although I wish I had some masks *_*

    With all of these really cool figs, it's hard to decide. I'll have to nominate Transformers Energon Snowcat for the best new-sculpt figure for it's (finally) cross-over appeal.

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    Joe: O-ring Snake Eyes (black version). Great homage to the v2 mold, and one of the most playable figures released yet. My only complaint is the arm problem.

    Cobra: Blue battle-helmet Cobra Commander. Absolutely perfect.
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    Cross hair
    Recondo i like him for his swivel hands i'd rather his boots moved like NF Duke but that might have looked stupid with his style boots
    gung ho but remove the t-crotch (JvC)
    sand viper
    storm shadow (VvV) but again change to the o-ring style and change right shoulder
    destro v-10
    swamp rat

    again i started out not liking any of them but they have grown on me. mainly for customs.

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    BAT 3 and 3.2


    Viper v 2

    VvV Scarlett

    Black Hooded Cobra Commander

    Spy-Troops "loungewear" destro

    ...just to name a few...I like a lot of the new sculpts.

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    this could be a tough one, but i'm gonna have to go with o ringless snake eyes. yep, of all the new he's the best. although o ringless heavy duty rates pretty high too.
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