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    I recently bought a Firefly from a local store. The guy that I bought it from told me the gun, and phone were acc pack weapons. The thing is, these weapons are green granted, lighter green than the other Firefly's I have, but still green. These are not acc weapons. My question is did some Firefly's come with lighter green weapons, or do they sometimes fade with time?
    I am also curious as to whether these might be weapons to a foreign Firefly. I payed $19.99 for it, and I really hope that these are the actual weapons. Thanks for the help!

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    They are probably originals that have faded some over time. I have had 2 Firefly guns that were 2 very different color greens, and 2 Roadblock guns that were 2 very different color greens, as well as several of the same color green helmets that over time have faded to a spread between the original color and a grey almost the same as the darker grey AP helmets. As far as I know Firefly's accessories never came in any colors that were at all similar to his originals in any other release, so that would be my solution.
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    I know this might be slightly off or on topic, but I always wondered why Firefly's original weapons were green? I think gray or black would have made sense, but why green?
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    I think they may be foreign how far off in green are they? Could be faded but both at the same time and color? Not likely. If they are foreign u may have something good there. There are some foreign specialist on this board that I'm sure will answer that question like a pro.

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    Several figures from 1984 had green weapons. You'll notice that such weapons were usually never re-released in that color.

    Here's a brief color breakdown:

    Firefly's gun and phone:
    red=Acc. Pack #3
    dull white=Acc. Pack #4
    black=a bunch of figures, 1998-2004
    silver (gun only)=2002 Sound Attack Firefly
    transparent=clear Zartan

    Firefly's backpack:
    grey: original
    bright white: 1998 Firefly
    brown w/ green: 2000 Firefly
    black: 2003 Convention Firefly
    black (no cover): Wreckage, Night Force Flint & Tunnel Rat

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    I saw carded action force Firefly and the green weapons were the same shade as some of my US market Fireflies. I had an army of 30 and most of the guns were tinted differently. The figure itself has some pattern variations as some were darker and others lighter so it stands to reason that the weapons came from the factory differnt shades as well. Fading can always happen to but am sure that there were variations in the factory.

    As for why green, Hasbro liked to use different colors for different figures I guess it was a further way to distinguish than just use all black weapons. Green isn't so bad at least it blends in better than a bright color like gunho's backpack.

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    I seem to remember that my childhood friend's Roadblock machine gun was a different shade of green than mine at the time. His was a deeper, darker green and mine was really light. It was brand new then and would have barely had any time to fade. So I suppose it's possible that different batches came out different shades at the time of production.
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    Sometimes Commando's comoflage their guns using paint.

    So Firefly painted his gun Green for comoflage purposes,i guess.

    Better than the Weapon pack version that was in red.


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