sas force wolverine

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    sas force wolverine

    hi all,im currently restoring my wolverine vechille and have decided to convert it into the uk action force sas force variant.i have got a set of repro decals for it but i dont have the instruction sheet / blueprints to show which decals go where on it,can any one help.any help or advice would be most welcome and greatly appreciated,thanks

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    You can see the blueprints on Blood For The Baron WOLVERINE

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    thank you also, had been looking for similiar information.

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    sas wolverine

    you are welcome buddy,although you may have a little bit of trouble [just a tiny bit] in placing 1 or 2 of the stickers as the blueprint is fairly packed and difficult to see properly [at least it is on my pc] but if you study the photos of it you will figure out 99% of what goes where,and who really cares if 1 or 2 stickers are slightly in the wrong place...the original is so old now that i dont think anyone would notice

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    i don't know if this would help at all.

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    hi,thanks,this pic will help a great deal,thanks for posting

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    nice pic eddie thanks for posting. i love the middle picture where it shows the tow rope doing some loop. i see why most are always broken what a deceiving picture to a child. lol


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