red shadow hyena / cobra hiss tank

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    red shadow hyena / cobra hiss tank

    does any one know how to take this apart other than the turret and canopy as i was talking to cobra and they are considering doing a sheet for the rs heyna and if they do i plan on painting 1 of my hiss tanks in the red shadow colours but it would be so much easier to paint if i could remove the tracks / base of the vechile.i can see what looks like tabs but the joints are VERY tight and i dont want to force it and break it if what looks like the connecting tabs are not tabs at all,thanks

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    The tracks are held on by two large tabs seen down through the turret mounting hole but they are very hard to "open" without risking a breakage. If you have any old shell laying around I would test on that first
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    red shadow hyena / cobra hiss tank

    hi those are the very 2 tabs im talking about and like you say they are EXTREMLY tight.will have to try find a decent used 1 as all of mine are the 25th annaversary type and all in excllent condition and i dont want to risk damaging or breaking any of them

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    i did exactly that a couple of years ago, i broke the tabs from a hyena trying to take it a part i haven't tried since.

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    red shadow hyena / cobra hiss tank

    best try it with an old first so


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