where's the new funskool?


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    does anyone out there have any info on new funskool stuff? i thought in april a new figure was to come out. i have yet to see him.
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    i'd love to see a funskool falcon
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    I might be wrong but I heard somewhere that they were no longer exporting Funskool to the US.

    I dunno if that's acurate or not.

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    Funskool's production of new product has been spotty, lately. There have already been a few figures who were supposed to have been released who have never appeared. At this point, a new figure could appear next week, or it might not be for quite some time. My guess, though, is that it will be the latter.

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    that sucks if they are not exporting the u.s. the funskool figures are great.
    Looking for Starcom stuff, will buy or trade for


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