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    New additions

    Hey, been awhile since I've been on here. Just wanted to post some pictures of my newest Joes. Sorry for the glare.

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    Some of my other joes

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    Any reason you doubled up on Flash or beyond one being straight arm and one swivel arm

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    Hey Plastica, My long and I do mean long, term goal is to have the original 11 in swivel and straight arm cards.

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    Very nice. I have about 50 MOC's but sadly they are the 25th line.

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    Those sure do look cool. They sure don't make the whole package deal like that anymore.

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    Now this is an impressive collection so far :- )

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    I don't see any pics.
    Check out my 1980's toy room. It's full of rare and high grade toys from the greatest decade ever.


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