MCC old vs. new parts question

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    I just got a bunch of old mobile command center parts that I'm using to fix up my old MCC.

    Now before I go and trade all the extra stuff away. I have one question.

    How many spotlight and machine guns did the old one come with?

    on the site a pic shows 2 spotlights and 5 guns. I swear it had more.

    the new one is shown with 4 spotlights & 6 guns.
    Didn't they both come with the same amount?

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    4 spot lights, 6 guns. For sure! I have both versions.
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    Yep! 4 lights, 6 guns is correct!

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    that's what I thought.

    thanks fellas.

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    I'm away from my Command Center right now, but four and six sounds like too many. I'm pretty sure mine (store-bought in 1990)came with five guns and either two or three spotlights.


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