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    This thread has been done before I'm sure but what is the greatest score any of u guys have ever had wheather it be on ebay, from a friend, a show, a store, etc. My greatest score so far has been when I picked up a collection of vehicles and a few mosty broken figures with a complete FLAGG when I say complete I mean every piece there. There were about 30 vehicles complete like MCC, rolling thunder, raven, rattler all this for $200 I even think he would have went lower but I just couldn't do that to him.

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    Awesome score man! The Flagg will never be topped as my personal best score!

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    man that is an incredible score!
    need 88 TF dusty crotch

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    Thanks guys but I want to also know what is your personal best score so far collecting joes (or toys).

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    Crimson Guard Immortal UK 1 euro
    Big lot of figures and vehicles $100 including some straight arms, comp firefly, comp SE v2, comp cc1 and about 40 other figs and 15 vehicles all pre 86

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    My best score isn't from Joe stuff though. I went to a small collectable shop to trade off some VHS movies in hopes of scoring some G1 Transformers. The TFs were gone but I traded about 10 movies for some Micronauts and a loose Black Hole Humanoid. It has no accessories and a broken thumb but where else are you going to get one. My heart skipped a beat when the guy said "... and I have this plain looking Walt Disney figure" and pulled it out. I also scored my Old Bob figure for $.25 at a flea market earlier that year.

    As for Joe stuff I have gotten good deals in the past but nothing that really stands out as a huge score. My question his, how do people get these awesome yard sale finds? I yard sale almost every Sat in the summers for the last 10 years and the best thing I found was a broken (but in the box) Rebel Transport for $15?
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    Well, I got my Night Raven for $2, that was pretty good...also, General Storm just gave me an old partially complete Terrordrome shell, as well as a huge box of other shells for free. The TD needs a lot of fix up, but that's what I do...
    ....apparently I can't customize for my wants anymore.

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    hmm, I got an '82 soldier, '82 officer, and '83 viper pilot for $30 at a show, think its worth it alone for the viper pilot.

    v1 viper at an antique mall for $2

    all i can think of right now!
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    Convention Jinx, on card, for $15 at a comic book store.


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