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    MOSC storage

    I needs some dos and don'ts for MOSB storage. I see many people hang their collection on the wall. Is this best? How much sun is too much? I have too many questions to list then all.

    Thanks for any help

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    Protech STAR cases are one of the safest and by far the cheapest way to store moc figures. At the height of my collecting before I started selling my collection, I had over 100 moc vintage joes all in STAR cases. They cost about a dollar each and they protect very, very well. You can hang them from the STAR case or store them stacked in boxes.

    It's a very efficient, safe, and cheap way to store.

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    Thanks. I keep my eye out for them

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    They cost more but you can get the sliding bottom acrylic cases. I got mine from oascars cases but I don't know if he's still around. You can get them from the afa also. I wouldn't display them in direct sunlight, that can cause the figure and I'm sure over time the card itself to fade.

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    The sun is the enemy of all toy collectors. I've had problems even with UV AFA stuff. It's best to keep things in an area dark and cool imho. You can't never really protect them 100%, but the others are right with the basic cases you already have protection from dust and stuff plus you can display. For the loose stuff I use a basic display case with a door. It can get dusty overtime, but not nearly as bad as open air shelves and stuff. I hate it but most of my stuff stays in totes as a result of space though.
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    Red face the sun

    I constantly find figures or boxed items, perfect shape but faded on one side. The sun is the main culprit if on display. If stored, its usually moisture which tends to warp badly stored items, or also just damage from dings and smashed bubbles.

    Lesson - don't put a sheet over a window, even if its black, and expect that to work. UV travels through fabric. For the serious collector, make sure the display room has UV coated windows or film applied to them AND keep the blinds closed.

    Another great way to protect items, flat art or paperwork, is with the drop-in cases, or archival bags. Container stores sells some, but so does Bags Unlimited. Buy a good archival bag and backer board sized to your item saves a lot on framing items and better projection from water, dust, etc.

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    Check out my collection if you want to see the proper way to store toys. No heat, no sun, no moisture.

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    I used to have mine hanging on the wall but I "remodeled" my toy room and now they are all in storage boxes. I think I have around 100 to 200 not sure of the count. I guess over time it is going to be more to sell on eBay lol.
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    Check out my collection if you want to see the proper way to store toys. No heat, no sun, no moisture.

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