Oversized Keel-Haul Canadian Filecard


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    Oversized Keel-Haul Canadian Filecard

    I just picked up these 2 uncut Canadian driver filecards from '85. Both have cardboard backs, but the Keel-Haul card has a much larger white border.

    Does someone know if the Keel-Haul card came with the Flagg or with the mail-away? Again, these are NOT red-backed.

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    I don't know for certain if this is a mail-away (he was available in a set of 4 with Jinx, Ace and Slipstream in '89) but I doubt it. The copyright says 1985 and Hasbro usually printed flag points in the upper right corner of mail-away figure file cards.
    Looks like original issue to me!
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