Brief coverage of Day 2 RORC 3: Forester, Sorenson & Hama

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It's Day 2 of WOJM's coverage of Roll out/Roll Call 3 in the UK! In this multipart episode, we got to drop our mics on the table for Jim Sorenson's and Bill Forester's convention presentation about their new upcoming GI Joe Animation book. Right after, we had the privilege to record Larry Hama again as he deconstructed his work on Marvel GI Joe #21. In part 3, Gary and James interview a convention attendee and wrap the show up with their thoughts of the weekend including "WHAT WE GOT" during our brief in and out stay in the south of England. Bags are packed, its time to go home but while we're making the trip back you can hear what we heard in this Day 2 wrap up of RORC3!!

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