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    i work (well... get paid lol) at walmart, and we JUST got in the mechs... and i couldnt even bring myself to buy them... but i cant wait for wave 3....

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    I checked out my local Wal*Mart today to see what was on sale, and all that they had was a bunch Hi-Tech/Mindbender 2-packs.

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    Picked up a Heavy Duty and Razorclaw 2-pack at one of my local Wal-marts (have 3 now), yet this one still had freaking HISS IV, each one beat up packaging and collecting dust. Went scanned, see an associate. Well did that and they said $15 something, X_x dammit I'd buy one of these if they were cheaper, I tried blowing the dust off and no go too.

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    A local Wallyworld still has a HISS IV also. It was on clearance at one time for $9, but then got marked back up to $15. It's covered in dust and the Neo-Viper figure is gone. I can't believe no one is buying it...


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