Crazy Legs all versions

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    Crazy Legs all versions

    Just off the top of my head, I can think of:

    Crazy Legs v1
    Crazy Legs (Night Force)
    Crazy Legs Funskool (red pack)
    Sky Diver Funskool (Beachhead body, Crazy Legs head)
    Alado, Argentina (light, almost pink body, otherwise the same)

    Any other International variants?

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    Doesn't anyone read this section?

    Dryhawk, have some input on any other possible Crazy Legs variations from other countries?

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    Looks like you have him all covered! I don't know of any others. If I hear anything though, I'll post it here.
    Take it easy,


    Vintage, International, 25th and ROC WANT List:

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    Wow, really? That would be very disappointing if those are really the only versions of Crazy Legs available internationally.

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    YoJoe! Web Staff dryhawk37's Avatar
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    Brazil also had a Crazy Legs figure. Venezuela could have had one but I am not sure about that. I do know that there are slight variations of Crazy Legs and Sky Diver from India but nothing too drastic (chute colors, parts and weapons choices for Sky Diver).

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    Awesome! Thanks

    I didn't know that about Brazil. With your info, I just found this:

    It looks like Brazilian Crazy Legs is almost identical to the regular (American) Crazy Legs.

    Are there any noticeable differences from your figure that we might not be able to see from the youtube video?
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