Estrela Vamp from Brazil

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    Estrela Vamp from Brazil

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ID:	61118I won this in a auction last month & it arrived this week. there isn't anything really special about it other then the ESTRELA stamp on the bottom ad of course the stickers. The wheels on the front are bent & its missing several parts. I was curious what you guys thought I should do with it ? should I restore it with some Brazilin stickers from " RATTLER REPOS" ( Ruben) & spare vamp parts or just leave it like it is ?
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    wow 47 views & not one comment ?

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    Personally I wouldn't restore it, but that's just me. The green body looks sun damaged and brownish, the wheels you say are bent and the front bumper is broken off on the passenger side. You could add new decals and replace missing/broken parts with U.S. parts but the chassis is still broken and the body is discolored. This would go on my scrap heap unfortunately.
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    I never even noticed the front bumper until you pointed it out, + the roll cage is cracked as well. I should have paid closer attention to the auction pictures. it was a spontaneous purchase that I probably shouldn't have made. I have a much nicer one & a shovel hood variant ( it has a crack in the hood/ roll bar area). I've decided I'm just going to leave this one as is. I have another shell in about the same shade as this one, so I'm going to use this Estrela bottom chassis with that top & put it together with new stickers and call it good. thanks for your input

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    I personally never try to remove the original stickers if I can help it. The only time I do repro is if there aren't any to begin with


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