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    FUNSKOOL MOC figures

    I have 44 Funskool figures MOC in star cases in my collection. I seriously doubt I'll ever have the funds to have the whole line of Funskool collected MOC, (or even loose for that matter!) .SO I was wondering what you guys thought I should do with them ? I know I don't want to sell them, I think they're kinda coll looking - but should I leave them MOC or open them ? My problem is that I have them hung up on my toy room wall , but I'm running out of space & could set up some nice shelves to display other stuff (or them opened) in the same wall space. So I either open them up & set them on a "international shelf of figures" or I pack them up in boxes never to be seen except in PHOTOBUCKET what do you think I should do ?

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    Tough call- My Funskool collection is a little smaller than your's, and what I've done (maybe subconsciously) is leave the figures with unique paint schemes and card art (for example, Big Brawler, Cross Country, Tripwire) carded, while opening the others and displaying them loose. Those oddball alterations are the fun part of Funskool Joes, the cheap fall-apart-in-your-hands plastic is not.

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    I have opened all of my Funskool figures and saved the cards. They look awesome loose and displayed.


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